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Music Box: Luciana Pavic -Sailor Messier30-

Luciana Pavic

Luciana, also known as Sailor Messier30, is known to be kind, protective, caring demeanor despite grown up with nothing, Luciana knows of Cecily's past and she aims to help the Angel Prince to break this curse, she is also friends with a few other's and will protect them with her life, even if it means giving up her own. Luciana grew up in an orphanage not knowing her family truly is, though Luci grew up in Croatia she learned to speak English very well, finding a job the hard way she found herself an apartment, but she still felt empty like something was missing so she worked for 6 years finding her birth parents nothing, she had an accident ending herself in hospital before her 24th birthday she had awakened to find a sisterhood who revealed themselves as Senshi of an ancient order and told her that she was one of them, telling her that she protects a galaxy named Messier30 a globulus of stars far beyond the earth. Luciana arrived in France with the help of these new found friends who in time called them sisters and her only family she still wonders what her birth parents were but for now she is happy with the other Messier Senshi and calling them family.

Music Box: Linwë Isilrá -Sailor VTC364-

Linwë Isilrá

Linwë, also known as Sailor VTC364, is known to be arrogant, rude, but protective, loyal warrior. Linwë didn't come from planet earth, she came from near the star VTC364, hence why she got her Senshi Name, she is the only warrior on her planet and leader of the guards who has magical powers, the King and Queen who rules over the planet does have extend have powers but Linwë has a rare talent with her swords and melee weapons, Linwë came to join the Messier Sisterhood after an ice witch attacked her star home planet after she protected it from the black ice she was ordered to leave the planet to help the group of woman dedicated to protecting the universe when she had left and arrived at the home of the sisterhood, her attitude became cold, angry and arrogant. No one wanted to team up with her except one woman, who Linwë though she was weak. judging her because she did have power to fight back or had any melee powers like she had. Linwë scoffed at the idea of teaming up with this weak senshi so Linwë went on a mission on her own which got her badly injured because of her rudeness and her attitude no one came to her rescue but one senshi came to her side, smiling softly the female in purple who's eyes were like the purple stars Linwë had seen was confused Linwë spoke to her "but why?" the woman spoke "because we are the Sisterhood, we must stick together, the others was ashamed they brushed you off when you were in trouble, I came because I know what it feels like to be home sick, perhaps if you give me a chance I can show you, I am strong in my own way" Linwë felt stronger after she was healed but she could see the woman was feeling weak "I see, thats the price for healing, transferring pain to yourself, from others a great burden to bare, my name is Sailor VTC364" the woman in purple smiled "I am Sailor Messier 30, I protect the object called M30 or as you guessed it Messier30," Linwë gripped M30's hand to help herself up and together as warrior and healer helped each other to finish Linwë's mission beating one of the minor enemies threatening the universe. To this day Linwë looks up to M30 even though she doesn't personally say it because she still having attitude problems but VTC364 is learning to be a lot nicer to the Senshi in the Sisterhood.

"Cosmos's Light" Transform!

Transformation Music

Sailor Nebula's transformation pen

Celeste Aldalatin transforms to Sailor Nebula

sailor nebula transformation

animation done by :iconrikeza:

"Dark Star" Transform!

Transformation Music

Vaeria Aldalatin transforms to Sailor Nova

sailor nova transformation

animation done by :iconrikeza:


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Going to Plant this right here :/

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since no one reads it on my page which is spammed like 6 times :/..... anyways... I am going to show them this journal so sick of people not reading properly :/

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